Get lean or die trying.

My name is irrelevant im from australia
i cant seem to gain motivation in doing it everytime i do i get put down or lose motivation. i started this blog to help me and keep track of my progress. iv currently became motivated to build and get into killer shape.



Can people seriously fuck off and stop sending me messages to go onto websites so they save money.Go out and get a mother fucking job like the rest of us you unemployed lazy cunt’s

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"i only fuck with about 3-4 friends but thats cool with me. if somebody fucks me over i’ll kick them right out of my life without any question asked because if they do shitty things to you once they will do it a second time or even a third time. i dont have time to bitch about someone behind their back and then make posts about what a great person they are when i dont mean it. i’m not trying to win a popularity contest. i just seek true loyalty if that makes me have no friends then so be it. i may be alone but i’m not lonely"

Ashleigh Hoskins (via sweetnsourpussy)

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